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References – Private Households

For over Seven years I have utilised sacrificial anodes in my house for galvanic water treatment.

At the start of 2009, we had to exchange the existing Water treatment system because its effect had been heavily reduced. We decided to select the new AQUABION® system by Aquabion GmbH. This was a decision which we have not regretted for one second, as since we exchanged we did not experience brown water anymore. On the contrary: the water is really clear again. – James P., Peterborough

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References – Housing Complex

In one of our larger property complexes, which consists of 13 buildings with 130 appartments, we have had AQUABION® water treatment systems installed for more than 10 years.

This protection against corrosion and scale in the cold and hot water systems became necessary, since we were experiencing more and more burst pipes, reduced water pressure and problems with brown water. After the installation of AQUABION® our pipes were opened several times over a certain time period at specific testing points. The results impressed us greatly – they showed clearly that we had stopped the problems we had with corrosion and had once again gained control over our drinking water quality. – Thomas L., London.

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References – Commercial

In the past, our customers often had problems with the discolouration of their drinking water.

After testing the water quality as well as the materials used for the pipe system together with Aquabion GmbH, we were able to solve the water discolouration problems with the AQUABION® Systems within a very short time-frame to the satisfaction of our customers. – John D., Specialist for heating, plumbing and water treatment, Windsor

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References Industry

We have been working together with Aquabion GmbH for over 10 years .

We have already installed several AQUABION® water treatment systems at several of our industrial clients, which we then also exchanged after the functional timeframe. The sacrificial anodes seemingly worked very well, since our customers are very pleased with the results. – Bilfinger property management

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Application Examples

In the past years we completed many projects which have one thing in common: they are based on innovative ideas and products – and therefore they enable particularly efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions.

We have now sold over 50,000 AQUABION® systems worldwide, which documents our high standard of first-class engineering and technical prowess – Made in Germany.

You can gain a first impression from our gallery as well as the following AQUABION® test report: