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 1912 – 1960 The engineer and inventor Anton Flettner filed more than 1.000 patents – some of wich were pioneering and sustainable

anton-flettner1924 – 1927 Invention of the Flettner rotor and the Flettner wheel

1936 The worldwide first helicopter, Kolibri, stays in the air for more than 2 minutes

1938 Together with  Dr. Hohenemser and Dr. Sissingh, Flettner started the construction of the Flettner-Helicopter FL265 with new double-rotor

1940 The Kolibri FL282 helicopter followed

1947 Flettner accepted an invitation to work in the USA and became head design engineer for Kaman

1958 Flettner founded his own company, the Flettner Aircraftcorporation in New York

1985 The research vessel alycone of Jaques Cousteau sails for the J. Cousteau society with environmentally friendly Flettner Rotors

marc-flettner1990 Marc A. Flettner establishes ION Deutschland GmbH – the company for environmentally friendly water treatment without chemicals

2002 Flettner designs and patents AQUABION® for environmentally friendly water treatment by means of active anodes and special swirling chambers

2006 As part of the Proa project and under the guidance of professor Fiesser, Flensburg university designs the uni Kat Flensburg intended to support environmentally friendly seafaring.

2006 E-Ship 1, A 130M long cargo ship, was built by the windmill manufacturer Enercon at the Lindau shipyard and the Cassens shipyard; it was equipped with 4 Flettner rotors with the goal to reduce diesel costs by 50%

hirschburg-historie2009 The AQUABION®patent of Marc A. Flettner for chemical-free water treatment was granted for most of the industrial nations worldwide, and the use of AQUABION® is one step towards environmental protection

2014 In our headquarters villa Hirschburg we found more space and inspiration for expansions – for our team and our clients

2015 After more than 25 years in the market of environmentally friendly water treatment, we have sold more than 200.000+ water treatment systems worldwide

2016  AQUABION GmbH receives the international European Enterprise Network Award in Bratislava in 2016

2017 AQUABION expands successfully to Denmark, Sweden and Italy.

2018 Professor Peter M. Kunz from the University of Mannheim – Dept. Biological Control, writes a second study on AQUABION® and the effects of “Zinc in Water”

2018 The new AQUABION® TÜV Certificate is valid until 2023.

2019 International Distributor Meeting at the AQUABION® Headquarters in Düsseldorf


The development of the AQUABION® system in 2002, for which the international patents were granted in 2009, was a milestone in our history. In 2003, AQUABION GmbH was founded. AQUABION GmbH ensures the worldwide distribution of this environmentally friendly water treatment system. In 2012, the AQUABION® production site was certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. More than 60.000 galvanic AQUABION® water treatment systems have been sold worldwide. A group of about 30 professional partners, agents and sole agents support the sales and look after our clients worldwide.

AQUABION®– Patents

New ideas have a long tradition at AQUABION. Our staff works continuously for the development of new products and the systematic optimisation of existing products.

Outstanding examples: AQUABION®, which is patented and protected by intellectual property rights in most of the industrial nations worldwide.

AQUABION® –Certificates

AQUABION® water treatment systems are nationally and internationally certified.

WRAS 2017 Certificate
ACS Zertifikat Aquabion 2017

AQUABION® – Science

Continuous tests at home and abroad show in practice and under laboratory conditions how the patented AQUABION® operates in all kinds of different waters and conditions around the world.

Putnis Paper

AQUABION® GROUP – Production 

Quality – Made in Germany. From individual parts to the finished product: this is what the AQUABION® GROUP stands for.



Click through the gallery and have a look behind the scenes of our ISO-certified production site.


Managing Director

Marc A. Flettner M.A.
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International Business Development

Oliver Flettner M.Sc.
Key Account Management
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Mobil: +49 (0)173 / 537 43 67


Our AQUABION® systems are marketed worldwide by selected and reliable partners.

AQUABION® partners offer our customers the complete package: consultancy, sales, installation and after sales service – everything from a single source. AQUABION® is presented at many trade fairs around the world

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