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AQUABION® – patented active anode technology

Clogged pipes and calcified expensive fittings, household appliances, washing machines or dishwashers cause costly damages in households and to appliances. The AQUABION® is a modern and environmentally friendly water treatment system – completely without external power connection, regular maintenance, no chemicals and no magnets. The AQUABION® does not make water soft!

AQUABION® – the galvanic self-cleaning environmentally friendly water treatment system.

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As simple as it is effective: immediately active after installation in the existing pipeline.

Different to other water treatment or calcification
systems, the patented AQUABION® operates without
current, chemicals or magnets.

It functions on the basis of galvanic process technology and by means of a sacrificial anode made of zinc with two swirling elements each upstream and downstream which swirl water and included suspended particles:
Zn2+ + 2HCO3- > ZnCO3 + H2O + CO2

The resulting swirling is responsible for the self-cleaning
effect of AQUABION® devices. The dissolved lime particles
are discharged with the water flowing out of the pipe.

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The patented AQUABION®

The modern, environmentally friendly water treatment system – without electricity, running maintenance, without chemicals and also without magnets. The hardness in the water is not reduced!

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Small but powerful – AQUABION® Mini

Small water treatment system with high performance: this is the AQUABION® Mini.

It is especially designed for flats and condominiums in which the installation of central water treatment systems is not possible..

  • for your shower:
    • AQUABION® Mini D
  • for your dishwasher:
    • AQUABION® Mini S
  • for your washing machine:
    • AQUABION® Mini W

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