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Smart limescale converters for private households, business, and industrial applications. The AQUABION® limescale converter will help you get your limescale and corrosion problems under control in an environmentally friendly way. 

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Environmentally friendly water treatment

Sustainable water treatment for the best water quality – maintenance-free, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly.

The AQUABION® (trademarked name) limescale converters offer innovative water treatment for your home or business. Our limescale converters do not require chemicals or electricity and can be installed in the existing water pipes quickly and easily.

Instead of conventional lime filters, you can now rely on innovative AQUABION® limescale converter technology. 

Limescale and rust are responsible for most of the water damages and wear of household appliances in Germany. 

Neutralized limescale protects your home and extends the service life of your water pipes. Where conventional lime filters remove lime (and thus taste) from the water, AQUABION® limescale converters offers a modern alternative: The clever design of the device modifies lime so that it doesn’t adhere anymore. It remains in the water and thus maintains the natural taste of your drinking water.

Furthermore, AQUABION® limescale converter can reduce your water consumption and energy costs.

Even 1 mm of limescale deposits on heating elements and heat exchangers can consume up to 10% more energy and water. At 2 mm, already up to 25%. 

Your water hardness needs an individual solution, please contact us for this and we will work out an individual solution for you.
Yes, the AQUABION®️ lime converter can be installed at your site!


The AQUABION® limescale converter resembles a piece of pipe which is inserted into your piping system. As soon as the water flows through the AQUABION® limescale converter, it starts to unfold its effect. The limescale converter works completely without the use of chemicals, and functions through its innovative design, which follows the galvanic operating principle. 

Various sizes

Modern water treatment

AQUABION® limescale converter are environmentally friendly limescale and corrosion treatment devices for real estate, commercial, hotel and industrial applications. They have been reliably installed for over 15 years to protect against pipe infarction, pipe breakage and failures. At the same time, all AQUABION® limescale converter products are maintenance-free after installation and thus easy on your budget. 

Smart investment

Limescale damage already causeS enormous costs in private households. Water pipes, faucets, shower heads, boilers, dishwashers and washing machines are affected. Invest in a limescale converter from AQUABION® today. Pleasant side effect: The AQUABION® limescale converter minimizes limescale stains throughout the household. 

For the environment

There are many ways to neutralize limescale in our water. You can use salt, chemicals, magnets, or electricity. Another option is the environmentally friendly AQUABION® limescale converter. The device only requires its galvanic operating principle to bind limescale in the water.

That’s innovative environmental protection! Maximum results – minimum effort. 

Areas of application

Application area -

Private Households

Protect your home from water damages and enjoy the best drinking water! 

Application area -

Property Management

Save money and reduce calcifications with our maintenance-free system. 

Application area -

Hotel Industry

Offer your guests exquisite drinking water quality and save your budget! 

Application area -


Reduce your operating and maintenance costs with our innovative systems. 

Application area -


Extend the service life of your equipment and reduce maintenance intensity. 

International success story from Düsseldorf

Limescale converters are conquering the world! Since the company was founded by Marc A. Flettner, various water treatment systems from ION Deutschland GmbH have already been used in over 300,000 private households, apartment buildings, hotels, and industrial properties.

We are constantly further developing the technology of limescale converters. As manufacturer of the AQUABION® limescale converters since 2004 and in cooperation with national and international partners we don’t just offer innovative, certified products, but also a service that connects you as a customer with competent specialist installers, wherever possible. 


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ION Deutschland GmbH
For all your drinking water needs

Although the AQUABION® limescale converter for neutralizing limescale is our key technology, our product range doesn’t stop there.

If you want to filter your drinking water conventionally, we can also offer you the appropriate instruments for this. Just contact us or visit our product page for more information. 

We won!
ION Deutschland GmbH in Germany belongs to the Top 100 Innovators in 2023

For the last 30 years the Top 100 certificate is presented to small to medium enterprises. On the 23 June 2023 Ranga Yogeshwar a top German science journalist and TV Presenter will congratulate us personally at an award ceremony. Thank you for making this possible!