Environmentally friendly treatment against limescale and corrosion

For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to water treatment in private households, residential buildings, commerce, and industry. 

The areas of application

Harmful limescale is costly and nerve-wracking for all of us. It is best if limescale damage does not occur in the first place.

For this purpose, we offer the  AQUABION® limescale converter in different sizes to cover
all areas. 

Private households

Reduce water damage in your home and enjoy the best-quality drinking water. 

Property management

Save money and reduce calcification with our maintenance-free system. 

Hotel industry

Offer your guests natural drinking water quality and conserve your budget! 


Reduce your operating and maintenance costs with our innovative systems. 


Extend the service life of your equipment and reduce maintenance intervals. 

Your water hardness needs an individual solution, please contact us for this and we will work out an individual solution for you.
Yes, the AQUABION®️ lime converter can be installed at your site!

Application area – 

Private household

Limescale and corrosion are responsible for thousands of cases of water damages in Germany.

The AQUABION® limescale converter can reduce lime deposits and pitting. At the same time, they protect the environment by avoiding the use of salt and chemicals. Your drinking water retains all its healthy trace elements and – more importantly – its great taste! The system is like a piece of pipe that is easily and quickly integrated into your existing water circuit.

After installation, it is completely maintenance-free. 

Application area – 

Property management

Smart water treatment in your properties can save your property management company money: AQUABION® limescale converters are maintenance-free and can reduce deposits – for a longer service life of your installations and happier tenants.

Moreover, you can advertise that the water in your building is treated in an environmentally friendly way. A nice addition, don’t you think? 

Application area – 


Environmentally friendly and chemical-free treated drinking and process water, which your guests will appreciate. With AQUABION® limescale converters, you will conserve your budget because your installations and equipment will have less wear and tear, and failure due to limescale deposits.

The operating principle is also completely maintenance-free after installation. Take the first step to becoming an eco-hotel! 

Application area – 


Reduce your operating and maintenance costs with our innovative limescale transformers that help protect your pipes from failure.

After installation, you will not incur any further costs, as the AQUABION® limescale converter are completely maintenance-free and run reliably without electricity, chemicals, or salt tablets. Not only will you be doing something for your pipes and equipment, but you’ll also be pleasing your customers and employees by preserving the drinking water quality and taste of your water.

In addition to companies, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes or other public and private institutions also benefit from the AQUABION® limescale converter. 

Application area – 


Extend the service life of your equipment and reduce maintenance intervals by choosing our innovative water treatment. We offer proven German engineering you can rely on. Depending on your needs, we manufacture the systems to fit your equipment – inquire now in our industrial department.

Concentrate on your production – the AQUABION® limescale converter has your back on the water and maintenance front! 

We won!
ION Deutschland GmbH in Germany belongs to the Top 100 Innovators in 2023

For the last 30 years the Top 100 certificate is presented to small to medium enterprises. On the 23 June 2023 Ranga Yogeshwar a top German science journalist and TV Presenter will congratulate us personally at an award ceremony. Thank you for making this possible!