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Save costs

Limescale and rust are enormous cost factors. With an AQUABION® limescale converter you can reduce your maintenance and energy costs!

Untreated water = high costs

Whether in companies, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes or other public and private facilities:

Limescale and rust destroy applications and can create hard lime stains on faucets, discoloured water, and a bland drinking water taste.

Not to mention the premature wear and tear on coffee machines, dishwashers or washing machines, which are exposed to higher loads in the commercial sector than in a private household anyway. Clogged pipes, costly renovation measures and expensive downtimes during operation are additional high follow-up costs. And that’s not even talking about energy costs.

Did you know that every millimetre of lime on and in heat exchangers and on the heating elements in boilers consumes up to 10% more energy instead of passing it on? 

Is a limescale converter worth it for commercial use?

The limescale conversion of your drinking and process water can protect your installations.

The lime particles carried in the water are bound directly behind the water meter by the limescale transformer before they enter your internal water circuit.

This can extend the lifespan of your washing machines, dishwashers, or shower equipment, as significantly less limescale should build up on them.

A modern limescale transformer also prevents rust by forming a cathodic protection layer on metal surfaces. The look of your offices, bathrooms and coffee kitchens will also change.

Untreated water creates ugly water spots when the water evaporates and a hard limescale film remains. With treated water, faucets or surfaces look neater because the water droplets are easier to wipe away. But do these advantages justify the investment in a limescale transformer? 

The AQUABION® limescale converter is 100% maintenance-free for all commercial applications

The investment in a retrofit or in a new application of an AQUABION® limescale converter pays off by the increased service life of your equipment and devices alone.

In comparison to a conventional chemical-based water treatment system, the modern AQUABION® limescale converter have a major advantage: They are absolutely maintenance-free and need no chemicals or additives. This means two things: 


You only carry the initial investment for the system plus installation. Chemical-based or salt-based systems must be regularly refilled with salt tablets and serviced once a year. They are also often powered by electricity, whereas the AQUABION® limescale converter, thanks to their innovative design, do not require any power at all.


The AQUABION® limescale converter is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The devices do not consume resources during their lifespan. They manage without electricity. Furthermore, AQUABION® limescale converter can reduce your energy costs.

Functionality of the AQUABION® limescale converter

AQUABION® limescale converter are completely chemical-free. The design of the devices, which swirl the injected water between two metal elements, modifies lime particles so that they should no longer be deposited in the pipes.

As a second active element, the AQUABION® limescale converter provides a degree of corrosion protection by building up a cathodic protection layer.

Where conventional salt-based systems exchange lime from the water and instead return salt to the water, with the AQUABION® limescale converter the minerals remain in the water in a modified form. This means that the water also retains its natural trace elements such as calcium and magnesium – a difference you will taste in every coffee kitchen.

For apartment buildings and large residential complexes

The AQUABION® limescale converter are available in different versions depending on the water consumption. The AQUABION® limescale converter can basically be used with all types of pipes and thus also with metal pipes (copper, galvanized steel pipes, stainless steel, etc.) as well as plastic or currently common aluminium composite pipes.

As a chemical-free water treatment method, the system can be used both for older objects, where deposits have already formed in the pipes, and for new objects that need preventive treatment.

The types AQUABION® limescale converter H 20 to F 100 are used in apartment buildings and large residential complexes. The systems are capable of providing complete water treatment from 3 to 200 residential units and more. 

Reduce deposits in
your commercial properties

As a real estate owner and commercial business, the return on investment (ROI) is very important to you. In sanitary installations – from small to large – deposits can form due to vacant flats or parts of buildings for several months. With the right limescale transformer, you can protect your own or your customers’ properties

The AQUABION® limescale converter can reduce deposits.

This can increase your ROI on your properties through potential savings on renovation measures and satisfied tenants who regularly pay the rent.

Especially if there are no ongoing costs due to the water treatment. 


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You can rely on our word!

We have 100% confidence in the quality of our products Made in Germany. If you purchase an AQUABION® limescale converter that leaks within the warranty period*, we will provide you with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on leak tightness and quality free of charge. During this time, you do not have to worry about any maintenance of the products.

Simply apply for your warranty extension when you purchase the AQUABION® limescale converter.

*This extended warranty is valid only if applied for in writing within four weeks of installation. Otherwise, the statutory two-year warranty on tightness and quality applies. 

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