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For over 30 years, company founder Marc A. Flettner has focused on German quality, innovative solutions, and the best possible service. 

Our history

Since the founding of ION Deutschland GmbH in 1990 and Aquabion GmbH in 2003, we have focused on technologies for environmentally friendly water treatment without chemical additives. Through innovative products, a high manufacturing quality and our service-oriented organization, ION Deutschland GmbH and Aquabion GmbH under founder and managing director Marc A. Flettner has developed into a successful family business.

To date, more than 300,000 ION water treatment systems have been installed worldwide. 

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   1912 – 1960

1912 - 1960 The engineer and inventor Anton Flettner - a close friend of Albert Einstein - registered more than 1,000 patents. Many of them were ground-breaking and sustainable, e.g. the Flettner rotor and the Flettner rudder. Anton Flettner thus laid the scientific foundation for his family.


In this spirit, his great-nephew Marc A. Flettner founded ION Deutschland GmbH for environmentally friendly water treatment without chemical additives. 


Marc A. Flettner develops and patents the AQUABION® limescale converter for environmentally friendly water treatment using an active anode and special swirl chambers. Top quality, Made in Germany. 


With Oliver Flettner, the son of Marc A. Flettner, the family's scientific tradition enters another generation. 

And today?

Product & Service

Today, we are ideally positioned both nationally and internationally. Constantly growing worldwide is the number of households, businesses and industries that trust in AQUABION® limescale converter.

In the meantime, ION Deutschland GmbH is internationally networked with the most competent sales partners. On the one hand, this enables us to offer our customers the reliable AQUABION®️ limescale converter quality of our products and, on the other hand, we can also recommend appropriate service providers locally, as well as in many countries around the world, who can expertly install our water treatment systems. Because a special product deserves a special service! 

Headquarters Villa Hirschburg, Düsseldorf

Our German ION team around company founder Marc A. Flettner works from the Düsseldorf facility in Villa Hirschburg located in the Wildpark Grafenberg.

From here, we coordinate our customers’ projects, continuously improve the application possibilities of our products, and constantly exchange information with each other on the latest research results.

Development and service are in close proximity at our company. This enables us to support customer projects competently, quickly and in a service-oriented manner. 


Wer steht hinter AQUABION®?

Das ION Deutschland Team um Firmengründer
Marc A. Flettner freut sich auf den persönlichen Kontakt mit Ihnen! 

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Would you like to be part of the team?

In Düsseldorf, we are constantly looking for motivated sales staff, engineers in water management, environmental management, or other relevant training such as supply and disposal technology, process engineering or chemical engineering. You are cordially invited to send us an unsolicited application.

ION Deutschland GmbH also welcomes applicants with a professional background as a plumber, specialist installer or fitter as well as experience in plumbing wholesale or sanitary and air conditioning technology! 


New ideas are a tradition at ION. Our employees continuously work on the development of new products and the systematic optimization of existing ones. We apply the experience we gain from a wide variety of customer projects into every new project with passion. We submit the best ideas as patent applications. The AQUABION® limescale converter is patented in Germany and some EPC countries, as well as in other important industrialised countries of the world and is protected by trademark law as a national trademark in other important industrialised countries of the world.


We work according to the highest standards. To make this tangible for our customers, we have our products and processes certified in Germany and internationally. The equipment is produced according to ISO 9001 standards (environment = ISO 14001 certification).

See here a selection of the certificates that the AQUABION® limescale converter have already obtained. Further details are available upon request. 

We won!
ION Deutschland GmbH in Germany belongs to the Top 100 Innovators in 2023

For the last 30 years the Top 100 certificate is presented to small to medium enterprises. On the 23 June 2023 Ranga Yogeshwar a top German science journalist and TV Presenter will congratulate us personally at an award ceremony. Thank you for making this possible!