AQUABION® limescale converter products in comparison

Once installed, the innovative products are completely maintenance-free and reliably provide treated drinking water and service water for many years.

Quality through competence

Developed in Germany, patented and used all over the world. Our products operate entirely without electricity, ongoing maintenance, chemicals, or magnets.

The clever design of the AQUABION® limescale converter does not reduce the hardness of the water, but it does reduce the risk of limescale deposits. The minerals thus remain contained in the water. Your water pipes and equipment will thank you.

Apart from that, the AQUABION® limescale converter can reduce your water consumption and energy costs.

AQUABION® limescale converter: Patented technology

The AQUABION® limescale converter in its various sizes is our flagship product. Once installed, it will give you many years of treated water. In doing so, the AQUABION® limescale converter does not use any additives and does not change the water quality.

Our diverse product sizes offer the best results for all connections – from single-family homes to industrial parks. 

The operating principle

Conventional water treatment or descaling systems require salt, chemicals, and electricity to soften and remove lime from the delivered water.

The patented AQUABION® limescale converter, on the other hand, doesn’t need anything – no electricity, no salt, no chemicals and no magnets. This makes it cost-saving and environmentally friendly. 

The secret behind the AQUABION® limescale converter: The science

The secret lies in the intelligent design of the AQUABION® limescale converter, which is based on the galvanic process principle and works with the aid of an anode.

The passing water – and thus the lime particles it contains – are affected by the slight electrical voltage that builds up naturally between the brass sheath and the kernel of the system.

Several swirl elements are connected upstream and downstream of this anode, which subject the water and the entrained suspended solids to strong shear forces:

Zn²⁺ + 2HCO₃²⁻ >ZnCO₃ + H₂O + CO₂

The resulting turbulence additionally supports the self-cleaning effect of the AQUABION® limescale converter.

So what happens to the lime particles that are responsible for pipe infarction and equipment wear?

Due to the specific design of the AQUABION® limescale converter, the lime particles combine to form larger particles which can hardly settle in the pipes or systems. Ions naturally released by the device further protect the pipes against corrosion.

The limescale, now neutral in terms of adhesion, remains in the water. Thus, the drinking water retains its good taste and the important trace elements calcium and magnesium. 

The AQUABION® limescale converter:

Small but mighty - the AQUABION® limescale converter Mini

Specially designed for rental and condominium apartments where it is not possible to install a central water treatment system.

The small water treatment system with a big effect: This is the AQUABION® limescale converter Mini. 

Fine filter for the extra portion of purity

You want to go one step further and protect your domestic water installation from foreign particles? In this case, we can recommend our fine filter.

The device filters out the foreign particles that may be in the water, upstream from your domestic water installation. Use filtered water, not just clean water, for drinking, cooking, and brushing your teeth. 

Filter ION-LECK-STOP Combi - Say goodbye to water damages

Water pipes are rarely visible. They disappear well plastered behind the wall and thus from the minds of owners and tenants.

But that’s exactly what makes water damage so treacherous:

In Germany alone, the damage caused by tap water amounts to over 2.5 billion euros per year (source: SBZ), and yet in most cases would be avoidable. The LECK-STOP filter combination provides effective leakage protection:

If an unusually high water withdrawal – e.g. in case of a pipe burst – or a low, regular water withdrawal – e.g. steady dripping – is measured, the LECK-STOP immediately shuts off the entire pipe system and the consequences of water damage are minimized. 


Installation must be performed by either a licensed AQUABION® limescale converter professional installer/plumbing professional or an external plumbing professional. 

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Step 1

Remove measured piece from cold water inlet.

Step 2

Insert AQUABION® limescale converter into the gap created.

Step 3

Connect the device to the open pipe points (pre-flow / post-flow).

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ION Deutschland GmbH in Germany belongs to the Top 100 Innovators in 2023

For the last 30 years the Top 100 certificate is presented to small to medium enterprises. On the 23 June 2023 Ranga Yogeshwar a top German science journalist and TV Presenter will congratulate us personally at an award ceremony. Thank you for making this possible!