Maintenance free
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Fast, simple, efficient and modern. Installing an AQUABION® limescale converter will save you money. 

Did you know?

As a hotelier, you know that it’s often the invisible processes behind the scenes that give your guests an unforgettable experience while saving you money.

Neutralised limescale is clearly one of the secret tricks of the upscale hotel industry. Save energy and maintenance costs. 

Limescale, the enemy No. 1 for Hotels

A dripping faucet, a leaking shower, a broken coffee machine, or even the loss of an entire room because the sanitary installation has a major effect.

A disappointed guest, who may anonymously leave a bad review for the hotel, is a bigger loss at this point than the cost to the installer.

For hotel management, this is a nightmare and a cost factor that they would like avoid. The cause is often hard water in the hotel’s pipe network. The limescale in the water will stick to pipes and equipment and will cause expensive wear due to clogging, scale and rust.

Limescale in its raw form also makes for unsightly water stains wherever water droplets reach. This is not only punished by the looks of your guests, but also costs your cleaning staff more time. 

Lime-neutral water:
The advantage

A limescale converter can reduce the problems just mentioned. Neutralised limescale can increase the lifespan of all your fixtures and sanitary installations.

You need to budget less for downtime and maintenance. Your staff will benefit from the time saved on maintaining and cleaning surfaces, kitchens, or bathrooms.

The real winners are the guests because you can invest the saved capital in their well-being. 

AQUABION® - The limescale converter
for hotels

If you want to offer your guests the best quality, you should also think about your water. Your guests should remember their stay with you with pleasure: the comfortable mattress, the well-equipped bathroom, the pleasant silence in the room.

However, the best care series and soaps lose their effect if the water in the shower comes out only drop by drop or fails completely. 

When water drops dry on faucets or glass partitions, untreated water forms an unsightly rim that remains visible.

If AQUABION® limescale converter evaporates, less residue is visible.

The consequence: Bathrooms look neater, even after your guests have enjoyed a shower or bath. Another positive side effect: Your staff will need less time to clean the bathrooms because they won’t have to fight stubborn limescale residues.

Your restaurant and café will also benefit from the use of AQUABION® limescale converter: Your equipment will last longer if it doesn’t calcify as quickly. The money aspect is no less important.

Every millimetre of lime on the heating elements of your boiler or heat exchanger increases your energy costs by up to 10%. The AQUABION® limescale converter can reduce this. 

limescale converter work

The AQUABION® limescale converter work 100% chemical-free. Just by the design of the device, which works with voltage difference between two metal components and an intelligent swirling technique, the lime particles in the passing water change and are precipitated.

The lime particles remain in the water but combine to form other structures that are less likely to stick to pipes, equipment, or installations as a result.

Compared to conventional water treatment systems, AQUABION® limescale converter have several advantages. 

Your advantages at a glance!


AQUABION® limescale converter help reduce calcification and rust throughout the piping system without chemicals.


The minerals remain in the water in an altered form. This preserves the trace elements calcium and magnesium.


By eliminating the need for additional chemicals or an external power source, the system is environmentally friendly.


The system is maintenance and failure free during its lifespan. This will save your budget.

For which hotels are AQUABION® limescale
converter suitable?

You can increase your hotel’s facility quality regardless of your pipe materials:

The systems are compatible with all types of piping, thus also with metal pipes (copper, galvanized steel pipes, stainless steel, etc.) as well as plastic or currently popular aluminium composite pipes.

They can be installed in new buildings as well as retrofitted for existing properties. The AQUABION® limescale converter uses partially recyclable materials. All components are DVGW-tested and comply with TVO guidelines. Series sizes flanged: DN 50 – DN 250. 


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You can rely on our word!

We have 100% confidence in the quality of our products Made in Germany. If you purchase an AQUABION® limescale converter that leaks within the warranty period*, we will provide you with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on leak tightness and quality free of charge. During this time, you do not have to worry about any maintenance of the products.

Simply apply for your warranty extension when you purchase the AQUABION® limescale converter.

*This extended warranty is valid only if applied for in writing within four weeks of installation. Otherwise, the statutory two-year warranty on tightness and quality applies. 

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